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Hotbin Composter + Extras

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The Hotbin composter creates the right conditions to make composting easy. Compost 100% of your domestic food waste and garden clippings simply and easily and produces high quality weed free compost.  Please allow up to 14 working days for delivery.

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Hotbin Composter + Extras
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Regular Price: £185.00

Special Price £179.95


Size: Height: 114.5cm (45in), Width: 55cm (21.6in), Depth: 62.5cm (24.6in), Tapers to a base of 45 x 45 cm (18 x18 in), Weight: 8kg (17.6lb), Material: Expanded polypropylene, EPP (100% recyclable), Warranty: 3 years. Comes complete with: how to use guide, 25 litre bag of bulking agent, internal thermometer, raking stick, winter ‘kick start’ heater, two cam belt straps.

The hotbin can compost both raw and cooked food, garden waste, including grass cuttings and even shredded paper and card. This innovative composting bin maximises the conditions to make composting easy, allowing you to compost your domestic food waste in your own backyard without the inherent problems of odour, vermin or flies. The great thing that separates this hot composter from traditional composting is that it works all year round. Hotbin Composter + Extras comes with a guide which makes setting up very easy; bulking agent, a little of which is added to cooked food to help it process; a thermometer to check on initial progress (there is another one in the lid); a racking stick to mix the contents; a plastic bottle used as a kick start heater in winter; and straps to secure the lower door. With a hotbin you can quickly reverse how much waste you send to landfill and reward yourself with rich, humeric, weed free, compost every ninety days.

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