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Here's a free, trial issue of Permaculture magazine for you to download and enjoy. We're confident that you will, and we hope you'll choose to become one of our growing number of subscribers.

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Permaculture Magazine - free download
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If you haven't yet read a copy of Permaculture, you're missing out.

This quarterly magazine is full to the brim with the latest permaculture news, techniques and debate, covering not just permaculture design and permaculture gardens, but also the application of permaculture to life as a whole, including allocating fair shares amongst our growing population, and investigating how we can work and live together as people in a constructive and harmonious way.

So here's a chance for you to download, for free, a complete copy of Permaculture to read at your leisure. We hope you'll agree that it really is worth subscribing to Permaculture, to ensure that you always get your copy, for a discounted price, before they even reach the shops.

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Issue 66 - Winter - 2010
Page count 80
ISBN-10 No
ISBN-13 9770967566000-66
Publisher Permanent Publications
Article1 WINTER IMMUNE BOOSTERS FROM KITCHEN & GARDEN - Julie Bruton-Seal and Matthew Seal explore the useful remedies to be found close at hand.
Article2 DIY NATURAL SWIMMING POOL - David Butler recounts the experience of creating his own.
Article3 OUTDOOR COOKING IN WINTER! - Trish Mac Currach extols the virtues of cooking alfresco, even in the depths of winter.
Article4 EDUCATION FOR A HANDMADE FUTURE - Maddy Harland explores the stunning new Woodland Classroom built by Ben Law.
Article5 A WOLF IN DOG’S CLOTHING - Rebecca Hosking and Tim Green, makers of the highly respected ‘A Farm For The Future’ film, turn their attention to the health of our domesticated dog population.
Article6 CHOOSING A WOODBURNING STOVE - Maddy Harland explains the benefits of a woodburning stove and the process she went through to choose the stove of her dreams
Article7 SACRED FORESTRY - Reforestation of the sacred mountain of Arunachala, in South India, has been resoundingly successful. John Barrie Button explains his permacultural approach to the challenge.
Article8 GROWING VEG THE INCAN WAY - Steve James adapts an ancient farming method to create a self-watering greenhouse.
Article9 HOW TO GROW FOOD IN WINTER - Janet Renouf-Miller explains how you can create a harvest of fresh, nutritious food throughout the cold months.
Article10 THE SITTING ROOM SESSIONS - Brian Boothby sings the benefits of taking live music back home.
Article11 GROWING TOGETHER - Louise Cartwright describes a way of growing food on a large scale, as a community.
Article12 DESERT TO OASIS - Karen Olsen tells the story of living permaculture legend, Scott Pittman.
Article13 No
Article14 No
Article15 No
Article16 No

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