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What I wanted to say to you, as a customer, how I've just helped myself to all your free e-book titles- and that so many in the industry (and I think, some of your readers) would say how foolish and naive that is of you.  However, as a customer, and current student of marketing - I think your decisions and actions are phenomenally powerful!!  Personally, right now I have a real 'feel-good' factor, and adore the fact that unlike many other suppliers, you haven't demanded anything in return.  I'm so excited about curling up with my e-reader and learning new stuff. If someone doesn't 'get' permaculture, I can confidently point them to your site which will really nourish them and not demand anything of them in this already draining society.  Also, before I had no allegiance and would have cross-referenced availability and prices on amazon to get nectar points to fuel my book addiction - now I will not care about double checking with them as the feel-good is now established for you.  As a marketing student, I am in awe of the effect your ebook availability has had on me.  Essentially, I realise it must have been a scary step for you- and I just wanted to let you know the positive ripples it has.  Yes, I have not bought anything from you tonight, but even the big FMCG companies realise how critical brand and relationship is so well done.  Pamela Statham 24th July 2012

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