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Natural Swimming Pools DVD

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David Pagan Butler introduces natural swimming pools: beautiful swimming ponds that require no chemicals, just plants and a simple solar powered filter pump to clean the water.
Natural Swimming Pools DVD
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David Pagan Butler takes you through two projects step by step. The first one is how to build a plunge pool, an ideal nature reserve that you can swim in too and the perfect compliment to a home-made sauna! Learn how to design the structure, build the swimming area, fit the liner, plant the edges and make a simple solar powered pump to filter the water. Many of the materials used can be recycled and collected by you as you plan the project. The second part of the DVD shows David’s first project – how to make a full scale natural swimming pool. Again he show how to make the pool in detail but critically he also shares his mistakes so you can take advantage of the benefit of his experience. Made by a professional filmmaker who is also a hands-on practitioner and a master of recycling, this practical film shares all the information you need to enable you to build a beautiful swimming pool that is also a wildlife habitat for a fraction of the cost of one installed by a professional contractor. ISBN: 9781856230582 1 DVD. 96 mins. PAL. 16:9. Region: 0 £19.95

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Now if I can only convince the wife that we don’t really need that lawn... Review by Sami Grover,
Natural Swimming Pools is hoping to show everyone how they can build their own backyard swimming pool that is chemical free, and also a haven for wildlife. The good news is that it will cost you a fraction of what a conventional pool would set you back too. The designs, say David, are both low impact in terms of chemicals and resource use, and also provide an abundant and diverse habitat for creatures to co-habit with swimmers. It all looks pretty amazing.

(Posted on 08/11/2012)
Suitable for a shoestring budget Review by James Clayton
This DVD efficiently showed me how to build a natural swimming pool on a shoestring budget and I thoroughly enjoyed David’s sense of humour and inventiveness. (Posted on 08/11/2012)
beautifully shot... your own dream swimming pond could become a reality Review by Henry Dowell
a natural swimming pond is a pool within a pond; self-cleansing, wildlife-friendly and easier on the eye than its conventional chlorine-filled counterpart. In this new dvd David Butler demonstrates that a natural swimming pond can also be constructed as a home DIY project, using some nifty material upcycling and at a fraction of the cost of a professional installation.

David jumps in the deep end (!), giving us his step-by-step guide to building not one but two home swimming ponds, never shy of highlighting his own early errors with a refreshing good humour. We are shown the entire landscaping process from marking out the ground, excavation and laying foundations through to constructing the blockwork, choosing the pond-liner (£2k, 0.5 ton - ouch!) and sculpting the marginal areas ready for planting. The presentation is clear and David gives some excellent demonstrations of particular techniques, a useful display of the bunyip level in action, and an ingenious sandbag-filling device.

David's swimming water retains its heat with the aid of reclaimed foam insulation, and the filtration system is cleverly constructed using a plastic drum and some washing machine innards. We are even shown that in theory it would be possible to power a simple water pump using a solar PV outfit, though the water cleansing properties of the aquatic plants and a bit of pipe seem to also suffice to circulate crystal clear water into our pool.

There is some beautifully shot underwater footage of aquatic plants at work, but i personally would have liked more detail on the planting, as well perhaps as some visits to more established swimming ponds to let the imagination really run wild. David makes no secret of the fact that a DIY swimming pond project is a lot of hard work for all the family; nevertheless this guide certainly is an inspiration that with commitment and a modest budget your own dream swimming pond could become a reality. (Posted on 12/01/2011)

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